Jr. Scientist Series - Gakken
Product code:GK001
Air Engine Car • Helicopter
Product code:GK002
Lens x Pinhole Experiment Camera
Product code:GK003
Insect Catcher • Ants’ Nest Case
Product code:GK004
Experiment Telescope
Product code:GK005
Brine Shrimp Aquarium
Product code:GK006
Product code:GK007
Metal Plating Pen • Electric Pen Set
Product code:GK008
Tyrannosaurus 1/35 Skeleton Model & Dinosaur Tooth, Trilobite, Ammonite Fossil Replica Creation Kit
Product code:GK009
Mineral Radio Gateway Kit
Product code:GK010
Crystal Making Experiment Set
Product code:GK011
Hand dynamo helicopter & Flip-flop turtle
Product code:GK012
Stethoscope for detecting the sound of Ant’s footsteps
Product code:GK013
Tumbling Robot
Product code:GK014
Water Rocket
Product code:GK015
Sound Control UFO
Product code:GK016
Mini Electric Guitar
Product code:GK018
The Pinhole Planetarium
Product code:GK019
Product code:GK020
The Cross Copter
Product code:GK021
Strandbeest Model Kit
Product code:GK022
Rhinoceros Mini-Beest
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