Product code:EL017
Cotton Candy Maker w/ adoptor
Product code:EL129
Ranger Remote Control Metal Detector
Product code:EL149
RC Scorpion
Product code:EL150
RC Tarantula
Product code:EL225
Rock Driller
Product code:EL267
RC Black Widow
Product code:EL300
Circuit Circus
Product code:HL005
Sonic Ear Headlamp
Product code:MC019
Rock Tumbler Refill Kit
Product code:MC121
rock Tumbler Refill - Assortedf Unpolished Rocks
Product code:MC122
Rock Driller - Assorted Polished Rocks
Product code:MC123
Rock Driller - Refill Kit
Product code:MC126
Rock Driller - Drill Bit
Product code:MD003
MultiSense Metal Detector
Product code:MD004
Metal Detector with Vibration Alert
Product code:MD005
Handi - Scan Metal detector with Vibration Alert
Product code:MD936
Handi - Scan Metal Detector
Product code:MD937
Metal Detector with Transparent Handle
Product code:MD938
Metal Detector with Beep
Product code:SC006
Mini Sound Detector
Product code:SC007
Sonic Explorer
Product code:SC009
Spy-on Voice Changer and Recorder
Product code:EL003
CD Electro Lab
Product code:EL367
Pen Recorder
Product code:MP501
Episcope Projector
Product code:EL008
Rock Tumbler
Product code:EL059
Rock Tumbler
Product code:MD939
Talking Metal Detector
Product code:MD838
Metal Detector with Light
Product code:MD839
Metal Detector with Light
Product code:MP501
Episcope Projector
Product code:EL367
Pen Recorder
Product code:EL372
Microphone Recorder with voice Changing Feature
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